Novel – ‘A Foolish Voyage’

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“A true story of adventure aboard a small sailboat.  It’s a book not just about sailing but about life.  Good times and bad.  It’s about what happens at the very limits of physical, emotional and mental capacity.  Ultimately, it’s about how personal tragedy led to a life-changing discovery – The realisation that hidden deep inside of us all is the perseverance and passion needed for achieving long-term goals.  It’s a book that might just start you on your own Foolish Voyage.

About the author:

Neil Hawkesford

Neil Hawkesford

Neil Hawkesford is a writer who lives on a boat he built himself.  He hasn’t slept on land for two years.  He quit living a life of ‘mindless normality’ and now travels, writes and blogs about his new life as a Sea Gypsy.

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