My Writing Style

noun: blog; plural noun: blogs

a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an 

individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational 


I have been told by a newish reader of the blog that reading my posts makes them scream due to my poor grammar.  This made me wonder if I am causing distress to others with my poor writing skills.  I’m sure our Finishing School tutor* (circa mid 1980’s) must be having a dicky fit to, assuming he reads the blog.

As I explained to my new reader, I write my blog as though I am sat with my Mum or friends telling them the tale.  I am not grammatically correct in my day to day chatter and I have left behind the formality used in business letter writing.

I tend to sit and write my posts in one sitting imagining a glass of wine, chocolate and a mate.  I re-check to try to ensure that I’ve got my ‘your/you’re, its/it’s’ correct but generally I don’t edit too much as I want it to retain my voice.

From the comments I get, for those of you who know me personally this seems to come across.  Maybe not so obvious for others.

One of my own bug bears is the incorrect use of stationery/stationary.  I did once contact a blogger about her misuse of these.  She politely came back and said that she wasn’t worried and that I’d still made sense of her writing.  Of course she was right.  I had still understood the sense and, as she has 1,000’s of followers, if she is not worried I’m not going to worry either.

I will however make this post page on my site to explain to new readers, assuming I get some, about my writing style.

Hope you continue to enjoy reading my adventures and will forgive me if my of’s and have’s are incorrectly used.

* holiday with a friend and her Dad who corrected our speech and posture for a fortnight.