Neil’s Books

Neil has written 2 books to date:-

A Foolish Voyage

This is a true story of adventure aboard a small sailboat.

Disillusioned with his life of normality a young man decides to buy an 18ft sailboat, make her his home and set sail in search of adventure.

He finds it.

Single-handedly sailing the South Coast of England to Falmouth.

Working as yacht delivery crew.

Near shipwreck on Spain’s ‘Costa da Morte’- the Coast Of Death.

Fire onboard in the Atlantic.

Engine failure in the Mediterranean.

Then he decides to sail his own tiny boat across the Bay of Biscay.

It doesn’t go well.

This is a book not just about sailing but about life. It’s about what happens at the very limits of physical, emotional, and mental capacity.

Ultimately it’s about how personal tragedy led to a life-changing discovery – The realisation that hidden deep inside of us all is the perseverance and passion needed for achieving long-term goals.

It’s a book that might just start you on your own Foolish Voyage.


“I really enjoyed this book. I started reading it for the “sailing adventure” aspect….but ended up getting so much more out of it.” B.RICH

“First book I’ve read in years that I literally couldn’t put down – great story.” AMAZON CUSTOMER

“Simple honesty of the best and rarest kind. If this book were a bell it would ring loud and sweetly and our hearts would resonate just as sweetly, just as poignantly. This book is the story we need to hear. A story of hope, of failure and the truths that only failure brings, and of hope regained and triumph on one’s own terms”. KEN STEPHENS

“I read it in one sitting, and if there’s an ounce of longing for freedom and adventure left in your heart, so will you”. BORDER CORSAIR

“I have a feeling reading Neil’s book will be a life changer for me. He is right, there is more to life than this”. R.N.SCOTT

Available on Amazon as a paperback or for Kindle – here


A Foolish Odyssey

Neil’s first book, ‘A Foolish Voyage’ told of his youthful adventures aboard a small sailboat. Both the story and his dream came to a dramatic end in the Bay of Biscay.

‘A Foolish Odyssey’ picks up where the last ended. His dream lost and the adventure over Neil returns to dry land. 20 years of conformity ensues. It’s a roller coaster ride.
Then at the age of fifty, he loses everything .. again.
Alone, depressed and on the verge of giving up, he stumbles across a forgotten book.

It rekindles a dream.
He must build a boat.
He must return to the sea.
He must escape.
It’s time for more foolishness.

Available on Amazon as a paperback or for Kindle – here.